Spirit Guides

Before you incarnated in this life on earth you set a goal, something that you want to achieve.
This can be very personal (for example, the processing of karma gained in past lives) or on a collective level (for example, leading people to a different (higher) consciousness). Your spirit guides are there to help you reach your goals.

What do I mean by spirit guides?

These include angels, archangels, Masters of Light, power animals, nature beings and the deceased.
You have a fixed core of spirit guides: these stay with you throughout your life and sometimes even over many lifetimes.
In addition, you also have "temporary" spirit guides: they assist you in a certain situation, problem or company until it has been completed.
Your spirit guides are always with you, in the days that you go whistling and hopping through life, in the heat of battle or in the darkest of the night.
You are never alone! They support you in everything, they never judge and love you unconditionally. They only want 2 things: that you are happy and that you achieve the goal(s) you have set for this life. They do this by passing on subtle messages to us, just think of dreams in which certain ideas come to the fore, a feeling or thought that tells you to take this exit instead of driving on because otherwise, you would end up in a traffic jam,…

I sometimes think that they have a frustrating job (just to clarify: they don't see it like that at all!). How often did I ignore such subtle messages, just to do it my way? Yes, it was very stubborn and yes, hindsight is 20/20. The highest right that we have and that is unconditionally taken into account is our free will.
Do you (as I did) decide to do it the hard way? Well, then your spirit guides are on your side to help you through it and to ensure that you still arrive at the endpoint ... but with a detour.

There is only one condition attached to their help and that is that you have to ask for it.
And no, I don't mean you should fall to your knees! Just saying it honestly and sincerely out loud or in your thoughts: "I need help with (fill in here)" is enough. Precisely because of our free will they are not allowed to intervene if, for example, you are about to make a suboptimal decision. They can only intervene in the event of life and death (and then only if it is not your time to move on).

I think it is important to clarify here that you can not only ask for help from your own spirit guides but certainly also from other angels, archangels,...! There is no number or limit on the number of light beings that can guide you. For example, if you have a large project, you should certainly request extra support. Or are you looking for a parking space? Please ask!
Throughout all the training I have followed, I have come into contact with many spirit guides. Both my own (permanent and temporary) and those of other people. Each of them has an "area of ​​expertise", something with which they can help you a little better than others. By working with them you will find that their expertise in that area makes it easier for you to achieve your goals.
Do not forget to thank them afterwards, it is only a small effort and is greatly appreciated.

Another false notion is that you cannot, for example, ask the archangels for help for little things, because you would keep them away from their important work. This is not the case! Archangel Michael can be with me, but at the same time also offer someone on the other side of the world much-needed protection. Time and space do not exist on the other side, so do not feel embarrassed and just ask for the help you need!!

I will discuss more about this and about specific guides in upcoming blogs!

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