Musings on a Monday morning

There is no better time to write a blog then when on the train on the way to work.
It is early, very early, too early ... but the holidays are over and the train is full again, I am no longer the only one going to Brussels.

This weekend I followed a course for working with Angel oracle cards with Annelies Hoornik. A great woman, wonderfully down to earth with a sense of humor and no time or desire for nonsense. I learned a lot, much of which I can apply in practice with even more courses on the horizon. It is a long drive (Capelle aan den Ijssel), but more than worth it. I also met new people, including Oshin, with whom there was an instant ‘click’ and of whom we will certainly hear from in the coming days and weeks.

Annelies had also indicated this weekend that it really does matter what you eat and drink in order to get a clear picture (during a reading/channeling). One of the important things to stay away from is of course sugar (duh), but also milk. It can take up to a year for the effects of milk to get out of your system and it seriously 'blocks' your channels! *gulp*
I agree with her statement that we have to do all that is possible to keep our channels as pure as possible, especially when we help and guide people.

So that is my 'mission' this week: find more info about this. What is allowed (soy milk? Ugh, not really a fan of that) and what is really not allowed at all (please tell me I can still eat cheese!?)?
If there is someone who can give me more information about this, please! Feel free to send me an email at or a pm on Facebook. Thanks!
In any case, I am already going to inform my own guides they will have their work cut out for them and ask them to seriously help me with this ... and maybe that the YL 5-day cleanse can support me in this.

In the meantime I am busy making the newsletter, I cannot believe that another month has passed, how fast time goes!
A new oracle card deck is ready (totally amazing, I think this is my favorite deck so far!).
I still have to specify what the theme is for next month and with whom I will do the monthly channeling (well .. I actually already know, but I am not going to spoil the surprise).
You can still register to receive the newsletter

Time to prepare myself for a busy day in Brussels (read: I'm going to sleep a little), Victoria, over and out.

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