Healing starts as soon as someone becomes aware of what needs to be healed. This can be from wounds on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual or even a karmic level. Wounds from this life or from past lives, wounds you have inflicted on yourself or another,...
Awareness is the first step, afterwards, you can take steps to heal those wounds.

Reiki or IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) can often help, as an energetic treatment gives your body and mind a push to jumpstart the healing process or to continue it if the healing has stopped for some reason.
Other times it is advisable to descend into your subconscious being through meditation and to clear up blockages that might not be easy to face consciously.
It is also possible that insights received during a channeling ensure that you can get closure (more about this at Channeling).

I will always make contact with the personal spirit guides to support these processes and for their help to steer them in the right direction.

How does a healing session work?

This is basically the same as with a channeling.
Before you come to see me, I am already working on the session: I clear the space (physically and energetically), make sure that the room is sufficiently grounded, that everything is ready and lastly: that I am cleared and full of energy!
Once we are comfortable we will talk about what you are here for, before you can lie on the treatment table (fully dressed and if desired under a warm and comfortable blanket).
Some soft music is set up and the session starts.
I place my hands lightly on your body and let the energy flow. I don't do anything at all, I'm just a channel for the energy. As soon as I notice that the energy is decreasing I put my hands on the next position until we have treated the whole body and the most important organs (we work from the head downwards).
It is completely normal if you fall asleep or even experience intense emotions. It is important that you do not resist this, but that you let yourself be carried by the energy.
After the session, I will let you relax for a few minutes before we briefly sit together again to discuss how it was for us both.