Essential Oils

I also use essential oils in my practice. For both myself and my client, this is a very pleasant, gentle support for the session.

What do essential oils do?

When you come into contact with essential oils, the following happens: through your nose, the essence reaches your brain within 22 seconds, in particular the limbic brain, where our emotions are located. Within 2 minutes it’s in your bloodstream and within 22 minutes it has reached every cell in your body.
This can, therefore, have a major impact and offer a lot of support where necessary.

How do I use essential oils in practice?

You can use essential oils in 3 ways:

  • directly on the skin (diluted with a carrier oil)
  • taken in with a glass of water or with food (special series of PLUS oils suitable for intake)
  • diffuse

The latter is what I use the most: some water in the diffuser, a few drops or a blend of essential oils and for the next few hours, there is a wonderful scent where the energy in and around both me and those around me, can change immediately.

For a channel or healing session, this can ensure that you as a customer are more open to the messages that come through or the healing taking place, without you being overwhelmed by emotions, for example.
It offers a nice and gentle support to feel everything and to give it a place.

Why do I use essential oils personally?

For me personally, it is because they support me very well emotionally and physically, even at times when things are not going well. They make sure that I feel good, optimistic and cheerful throughout the day (yay)! I also use them as support against, for example, a starting cold or when my intestines are being difficult.

I love nice scents around the house and especially with 2 cats, that's not always that obvious.
It is 100% pure, unlike other chemical air fresheners, which is a big plus for me, my cats (and nephew when he is visiting).

I also guide people who also want to take the step towards a more natural and healthier lifestyle by using essential oils.

For more info about Essential Oils click here (in Dutch) or send me a message.