Channeling is so much more than "just" receiving messages from spirit guides. These messages serve as support, sometimes as a confirmation, of the path you are walking or would like to walk. It is also a proposition to work on yourself, to grow as a person.

What is channeling?

Going into a meditative state and reaching out to your Higher Self, Angels, Archangels, Masters of Light, power animals, nature beings, ... to get insights about situations in play, old patterns, karma, etc.
Supporting you in your growth is the main focus of your spirit guides!


In the hectic world we currently live in, a moment of peace, quiet and contact is very far away.
I prefer to say that this is changing, but that time is still far off. However, every beginning, every start of something new ... starts with(in) yourself.
Sometimes the start to healing or growth (evolution) isn’t more than having someone you can talk to, someone who pays attention to what you have to say. This can be about what is bothering you, something that you want to gain more insight into or simply to whom you can present and exchange ideas.
Through channeling, we can look at the bigger picture of what is going on, what your role is and the best way to handle it. Please note: you will not be given a roadmap with step by step instructions what you should do (well… not always), your guides will give you a helping hand, walk with you on whatever path you choose to follow and you will continue to constantly encourage you on your way!

How does a channel session work?

Before you come to see me, I am already working on the session: I clear the space (physically and energetically), make sure that the room is sufficiently grounded, that everything is ready and lastly: that I am cleared and full of energy!
Once we are comfortable we talk about the situation or the questions you have. After this, I tune myself into your guides and the channeling can begin. The answers are then passed on per question/situation.
To close off the session, we draw an angel card to get a final message that you can work with during the coming period.

Oracle cards and Angel Guidance board

It is also possible that during a session I use oracle cards or an Angel Guidance board. This is not to predict the future, but for more depth and insight into the current situation(s).

At a distance

If it is difficult to make an appointment or to come here in person, you can also request a written channeling. The process is almost identical, but I write down everything I get and I send it to you by e-mail. There is a limit of 4 questions however, as it is difficult to estimate how long it takes for each question to get all the information through.