Channeling May 2019 – Goddess Shakti

In this channeling, I come through as the aspect of Shakti. I embody transformation. Not only for the individual but for the collective. Where awareness was the main theme last month, we are now taking action.
I ask each of you to make a plan of how you would like to change the world. What actions could you take as a person to initiate a chain reaction that would cause a tidal wave of transformation? Because every change starts with(in) yourself.
The herd mentality may be put aside and you may decide for yourself which direction you want to go. All this for the highest good for you as a person as well as the collective.

The energy is crackling in the air, ready for change. It is now time to tackle it with both hands and do the work.
Expand your mind, think bigger and build your dream.

Anticipate the moments when transformation comes to you, this can be on an emotional or mental level or in the daily, earthly life. It is now time to crawl out of your cocoon and stand fully in the light.
Discover what you are here for and work on it. The time is NOW.

"Shakti is the essence of the Great Goddess, or Devi, of Hinduism. In Sanskrit, its name means" power. "
Although it has other names and takes many forms, it represents the divine energy that creates and destroys all life.
In the form of Kali or Durga, she is a strong warrior. In the form of Parvati or Lakshmi, she is a loving wife. Like the consort or sister of the supreme god Shiva, Shakti is the feminine aspect of divine power that transforms thoughts into action. "
A history of the Goddesses door Colette Baron-Reid

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