Channeling April 2019 – Archangel Michael

Greetings radiant soul,

I would like to mention that the 'theme', as you call it, for the month of April is 'AWARENESS'.
Awareness of the world around you, the potential that is everywhere.
This text reaches you now for a reason. There is a sparkle awakening inside, be aware of this! Go on a journey and see where this leads you.

This spring is an impetus for major changes requested by the collective consciousness (or spirit, as you wish) and will be guided by us.
Numerous spirit guides have already arrived and more are on their way to guide you all. Not only humanity but Earth and all its inhabitants are included. Nature spirits, angels and spirit guides work side by side to express the potential for change.

I ask you to be aware of your feelings during the month. What is stopping you from moving forward? To grow in this potential that is so abundantly available for everyone?

We, your spirit guides, are not here to look over your shoulder or to punish you if you go in a direction or make a choice that is not for your highest good. We are there for you, for your support and guidance.
If you come across a blockade that is difficult to pass, know that we are here to help you with this.

Finding the unconscious potential within and working with it puts you on the path of your soul, the road to the Divine. Your consciousness then lights up in such a way that you put your environment (and everyone in it) in the light. Like a spreading fire, knowledge and wisdom are passed on and the collective consciousness becomes lighter and more radiant.
Do not be frightened of your potential but embrace it, beautiful things are about to happen if you respond to this and let your light shine.

Ask and we answer, be open to insights and whispers that come to you to help you on your way.

Always by your side, in unconditional love,

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