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Through this page, I want to explain my views and post channelings from spirit guides who want to come forward at that moment. The ins and outs of the practice will also have a place in the blog.
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Blog 10/06/2019 - Essential Oil of the month May: Acceptance
As I indicated in the newsletter last month, here is what the oil does:
Acceptance stimulates the mind with oils that promote feelings of acceptance from ourselves and others. Supports in moments of stress and changes.
This consists mainly of a combination of Geranium, Royal Hawaiian ™ Sandalwood and Bergamot. Supplemented with a number of other essential oils.

Blog 02/05/2019 - Awaken
Well, that was quite an eye-opener ... I started using this essential oil a little over halfway into March and it prompted me to take action almost immediately.
Which actions will you ask yourself? A few points from the list.

Channeling 02/05/2019 - May - Goddess Shakti
In this channeling, I come through as the aspect of Shakti. I embody transformation. Not only for the individual but for the collective. Where awareness was the main theme last month, we are now taking action.
I ask each of you to make a plan of how you would like to change the world. What actions could you take as a person to initiate a chain reaction that would cause a tidal wave of transformation?

Blog 23/04/2019 - Musings on a Monday morning
There is no better time to write a blog then when on the train on the way to work.
It is early, very early, too early ... but the holidays are over and the train is full again, I am no longer the only one going to Brussels.
This weekend I followed a course for working with Angel oracle cards with Annelies Hoornik. A great woman, wonderfully down to earth with a sense of humor and no time or desire for nonsense.

Channeling 31/03/2019 - April - Archangel Michael
Greetings radiant soul, I would like to mention that the 'theme', as you call it, for the month of April is 'AWARENESS'.
Awareness of the world around you, the potential that is everywhere.
This text reaches you now for a reason. There is a sparkle awakening inside, be aware of this! Go on a journey and see where this leads you.

Blog 22/03/2019 - Time flies...
Gosh, here we are again ... time passes so fast!
Again and again, I thought about my blog and it was: "I will do that tomorrow" or "I have more time at the weekend".
I think everyone knows that feeling or line of thought ... and what comes from it: nothing! Nothing at all!

Blog 17/06/2018 - Spirit Guides
Before you incarnated in this life on earth you set a goal, something that you want to achieve.
This can be very personal (for example, the processing of karma gained in past lives) or on a collective level (for example, leading people to a different (higher) consciousness).
Your spirit guides are there to help you reach your goals.