Well, that was quite an eye-opener ... I started using this essential oil a little over halfway into March and it prompted me to take action almost immediately.
Which actions will you ask yourself? A few points from the list:

  • I enrolled (fairly last minute for my doing) into a course in Rotterdam (more about this in this blog)
  • I have started to focus more on social media, blogs and especially newsletters
  • I stood up more for myself and felt stronger.

You can compare it to a very soft and loving kick under your ass. And I can already hear you thinking that this is simply not possible with a simple oil?! Then I have the following question for you: why not?
It is scientifically proven what essential oils can do to your brain! But more about that in a later blog.

Awaken has a soft, non-invasive odor. Every time I smell it, I discover a new part of the fragrance.
I only used this oil in the diffuser, I also wanted to use it on my 3rd eye during a channeling, but no drop came out (and I waited a long time), so that would not have been necessary.

Super happy that I purchased this oil and started using it ... highly recommended!

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