Essential oil of the month May: Acceptance

As I indicated in the newsletter last month, here is what the oil does:

Acceptance stimulates the mind with oils that promote feelings of acceptance from ourselves and others. Supports in moments of stress and changes.
This consists mainly of a combination of Geranium, Royal Hawaiian ™ Sandalwood and Bergamot. Supplemented with a number of other essential oils.

What it has brought me is actually quite simple and really basic: giving myself permission to follow my feelings, to change, to enjoy, ...
There was still an (unconscious) conditioning that kept me seeking permission for... well, everything.
Acceptance together with an NEI session at Veerle Geerts has already helped me a lot with that.

Acceptance has a sweet scent with a few very interesting touches. It is quite soft, but you should not use it too much because it would very quickly become too overwhelming.

Again, highly recommended and one that will be used a lot here in the house!

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